Welcome to this site, which will keep you informed of the group's activities. We are a broad coalition of all faiths and none, political groups, campaigners and individuals from in and around the MK area who came together to stop the war in Iraq.


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The Campaign Continues... Join Us

We continue to campaign on the following issues:

  • Afghanistan - Bring the Troops Home
  • Defend Civil Liberties
  • No Racist Backlash
  • No to war in Syria!
  • Palestine - support the rights of Palestinians


No To Military Intervention In Syria!

More than a dozen people turned up to support a Milton Keynes Stop the War stall on Thursday 29 August (11.30am to 1.00pm). On the same day Parliament was debating a Government motion on Syria the MKSTW stall was urging people to oppose any military intervention. A vast majority of passers-by were in agreement with us and over a hundred people signed our petition against any military intervention.



Past Action

Stop the military intervention in Libya!

Campaigners from MK Stop The War gathered at Milton Keynes City Centre on Sunday 20th March. They handed out leaflets and invited passers by to sign a petition calling for an end to the military intervention in Libya. Tom Bolton of MK Stop the War said " Many shoppers stopped to express their concerns and fears about the military bombardment of Libya. The main concern was that this action, although claiming to save lives will actually cost lives and may end up with western powers in occupation of yet another middle-eastern country.

Another concern was the way Western powers have merely mildly condemned the suppression of democratic protests in Bahrain, a suppression carried out with the help of an invading army from Saudi Arabia!

Why do we maintain friendly relations with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain while firing hundreds of deadly missiles on Libya? We are not suggesting we should make war on any of these countries but we could stop treating the dictators that run them as friends and we could stop selling arms to them."

Another campaigner questioned the legality of the action saying.... "It is illegal for foreign powers to take sides in a civil war. This is against the principles of the UN Charter, whatever David Cameron or David Milliband say"

Some members of the Milton Keynes Stop the War group at the 'Afghanistan - Time to Go' Demonstration on 20 November 2010


Members of the Milton Keynes Stop the War Group, supported by members of the newly established Milton Keynes Palestine Solidarity Campaign Group, held a stall on Thursday 17th June 2010 in Milton Keynes to draw attention to the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Appalled by the violent Israeli assault on a peaceful flotilla of boats, carrying aid, in international waters, members of the MK public expressed strong condemnation of the Israeli action and called for a lifting of the siege of Gaza.

In less than 90 minutes, 72 people signed a letter to their local Milton Keynes MP demanding an end to the siege of Gaza.


Tom Bolton, Chair of Milton Keynes Stop the War Group said "At times our stall was overwhelmed with people wanting to sign the letter. Many people were shocked by the deaths and injuries of so many civilians and were angered by Israel's flouting of international law. It is vital that the siege of Gaza is lifted so that essential supplies of food, fuel and medicines can reach the Palestinian people in Gaza."

MK citizens concerned about the plight of people in Gaza are urged to contact their Milton Keynes MP - Mark Lancaster in MK North and Iain Stewart in MK South.




Public Meeting: WHERE NEXT FOR GAZA?

Mon 30th April, Heelands Meeting Place. Around 20 people attended. There were two speakers. First Muthanna Al-Qadi, a journalist-photographer from Nablus in the West Bank, gave his stark prognosis on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The 1994 Oslo Agreement promised a Palestinian state by 1999, but since then Israeli settlement land had increased 173%, with settlers doubling from 240,000 to 500,000. Although in 2004 the International Court of Justice had condemned Israel’s "security wall", it had extended by 20% sequestering a further 100km2 of land. 650,000 citrus and olive trees—vital to the economy of any future state—had been uprooted. Checkpoints had doubled from 383 to 742 making normal life impossible. Palestinian goods were stopped from reaching markets, whilst Israeli goods were allowed in. Over 1,000 houses had been demolished. 11-12,000 Palestinians were prisoners in Israel. Settlements ringing East Jerusalem were increased from 17 to 232 (over 13 times!) to strangle its hopes of ever becoming a Palestinian capital.

Against this background, the recent assault on Gaza had killed 1,400, wounded 2,600, destroyed 4,000 homes and partly destroyed 17,000. 219 factories, 34 clinics and 8 hospitals had been bombed.

In response to questions, Muthanna stated his view the "peace process" was a complete "con": also the recent conflict showed there is no "independent" media. A hard situation demands a tough response from us locally: "witness" is not enough, but we should expand the group and get the message over to increase public support.

A boycott is a strong weapon, though not backed by the UN unlike former South Africa. Both trade and academic boycotts are needed: 60% of Israel’s university budgets come from "defence".

Expect Israel to exploit divisions between Hamas and Fatah.

Carol Turner from Stop the War HQ set Israel-Palestine in the wider context of Iraq/Afghanistan and Obama’s election. The UK government should stop selling arms to Israel, support business divestment and put every pressure on Israel in the UN and other fora. We shouldn’t accede to spurious demands for Palestinian "unity". Hazel Blears’ attack on the Muslim Council of Britain (Daoud Abdullah) for signing the Cairo Declaration was disgraceful

On the media, Israel couldn’t prevent news getting out of Gaza: nor could it stop us hearing some Israeli soldiers have raised concerns.

The economic crisis and Obama come together in important ways. He has stepped up aggression in Afghanistan/Pakistan dressed up as a twin-track (military and civil) approach. But NATO "allies" are still reluctant, and Pakistan looks like fragmenting. The US wants alliances with dodgy warlords but won’t talk to Al-Quaeda or the Taleban. It has three not-very-good choices: first, maintain the status quo, which is not viable; second, substantially increase forces, risking long-term "Vietnamisation"; third, immediate withdrawal. Pakistan is actually more important to the US than Afghanistan.

A questioner suggested Obama’s "difference" is style, not substance. However Carol personally felt he had made a difference on Iran by withdrawing the threat of military action. She believes we should always oppose imperialist wars, however flaky the target.

Questions were raised why StW had denied affiliation to HOPI (Hands Off the People of Iran). HOPI has criticised the Iranian regime for supporting the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and for jailing anti-war Iranians.

The stall / vigil held outside the MK Shopping centre on Thursday 8th, 15th and 22nd January attracted a lot of attention and received lots of support for the cause.



Members of the Milton Keynes Stop the War Group joined thousands of other demonstrators in London on Saturday 3 January 2009 to demand an end to the Israeli bombing of Gaza. The march was noisy, passionate and peaceful. Outside Downing street shoes were thrown to express disapproval of our Government's low key condemnation of the Israeli action. Marchers came from all over the country to demand an end to the slaughter of innocent Palestinians civilians.

A second demonstration on Saturday 10th January 2009 saw even more protesters brave the cold weather to march from Hyde Park to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington after hearing some very emotive speeches. More shoes were thrown, this time over the embassy gates.

Although Gaza is no longer in the news, the suffering of its civilians continues as a result of Israel's blockade of Gaza. Aid is literally rotting at the border while thousands of people go hungry. Thousands of people are also homeless as reconstruction has barely begun.

On 16 May 2009 members of the Milton Keynes Stop the War Group and MK members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign attended the "End the siege of Gaza" national demonstration in London


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